Last week, I got Just Dance 2017 for the PS4. I’ve always liked Just Dance, but I’ve only ever owned one game, and I don’t have it anymore. So now that I have a blog, I figured, why not make this my first blog post? Today I’ll be talking about some of the pros and cons of Ubisoft’s latest installment in the popular series.

Reviewed using PS4, with PS4 Camera, Move Controllers and Controller App


Just Dance 2017 offers the classic Just Dance experience, with 41 new songs, and a new game mode called ‘Just Dance Machine’. As always there are the Sweat+ playlists, and the World Dance Floor. The songs have variety, from Justin Bieber’s Sorry and Sia’s Cheap Thrills (featuring Sean Paul) to Queen’s Don’t Stop me Now and Haddaway’s What is Love. The game is also balanced in difficulty, meaning less experienced players can enjoy the game as much as Just Dance veterans. The World Dance Floor offers online tournaments to compete in if you’re feeling brave, and after any dance, if a Kinect/PS4 Camera is connected, a video of your dance will play back, which you can upload (if you choose) for the world to see.

Just Dance 2017 introduces a new method of control: A smartphone app that works like the WiiMote did in past games, in that you hold it in your hand and dance like normal, and it tracks your movement. This is very helpful for Xbox and PS4 players who just want to dance, and not have to buy Move Controllers or a Kinect/PS4 camera, or Wii U players who never owned an original Wii, or got rid of their WiiMotes. Just Dance 2017 will arrive on the Nintendo Switch March 3rd, and the app will work with it too.


While Just Dance 2017 has 41 new songs for you to play, there aren’t many big hits. A lot of the songs will be new to you, in Spanish, or very old songs. There is however a way to unlock over 200 more songs, some from past games, some new: Just Dance Ultimate, which is available to you for a low price of $4.99 a month. But that’s the problem. not the $4.99 part, the a month part. Subscription services don’t do well with games. Especially for kids, whose parents won’t be hasty to pay extra for a game they already bought for $50. You can however pay $10 extra for Just Dance 2017: Gold Edition, which includes a 3-month subscription. If you are a dedicated ‘Just Dancer’ and will buy the service, only get the 1-month subscription, because after a month you will probably have moved on to another game.


While the aforementioned Just Dance Unlimited can make you pressured to spend more money, if you ignore the advertisements, Just Dance 2017 is classic Just Dance, with a fresh new coat of paint, and more accessible than ever thanks to the new control options. If this is your introduction to the series, I’d recommend getting it, however if you already have the 2016 or 15 editions, you shouldn’t necessarily spend the $50 unless you need to. In conclusion, Just Dance 2017 gets 3 Os and a C.



Thanks for reading!